What is Graphology?

It is the study of handwriting and the inferring of character or aptitude from it. Whether we believe in analyzing personality through handwriting or not, it certainly is a fascinating and accurate way of knowing people around you. Really it’s fun to discover what your handwriting says about you, but it’s also important to realize that graphology is a serious business with many varied applications. Gaining greater self-knowledge is one important use. Also it’s nice to know self with our strengths and faults.

Couples can know more about each other’s needs and motivations through graphology. It is easier to understand our children’s inner thoughts through their handwriting.

Teachers can guide students with behavioral issues. Career guidance, hiring and recruitment are some of the most popular uses of graphology.

How is it possible to read someone through his/her handwriting?

Behind every handwriting is a human being who has recorded most of his past experiences in the unconscious mind. And when you pick up a pen and begin to write, it is as if everything that has ever happened to you comes together and travels down the nerves from your brain, through your arm, into your hand and out onto the paper.

Your handwriting is like a mirror image of who you really are inside. It reflects your strengths and potentials, fears and dreams, thinking style, how you connect socially. It reveals the level of need at which the writer is operating.

Knowing your weak areas helps you to know where you need to work. A vast body of formal research in the field of graphology supports its validity and reliability. Learning to analyze the written line in all its many expressions is the key that allows a graphologist to read a personality. The forms created in ink and the spaces around them reveal the writer’s potential, social style, use of energy, sense of purpose, etc.


 What is Graphotherapy ?

Handwriting emanates from the subconscious level through the muscles and nerves of the body. By consciously making changes in the handwriting, a message is conveyed to the subconscious and the signal, when repeated in a clear harmonious fashion, causes a corresponding desirable change in the personality to take place. Thus, many characteristics of a personality can be strengthened or modified through Graphotherapy.

Unconscious old patterns that create conflicts in a person can slow him/her down. These act as blocks in what one wants. By practicing self-supportive patterns through handwriting, one can change self-defeating unconscious patterns. Students as well as adults through regular practice, can retrain their brains and thus positive changes follow in their personality.


  Consultancy for

  1. Handwriting improvement for students of all age groups.

  2. Signature analysis and signature designing for children.
    (14 years and above)

  3. Signature Analysis and redesigning for Adults.

  4. NLP Therapy.

 Courses offered

  1. Handwriting and Signature Analysis (Level I)

  2. Topics included – Study of margins, zones, baseline, slant, pressure, connections, space, behavior patterns, signature analysis and writing reports.
    Duration : 10 sessions (20 hours)

  3. Advanced Handwriting and Signature Analysis

  4. Topics included – Alphabets, children’s handwriting, doodles, compatibility between individuals, danger signs, health issues through handwriting, hiring and recruitment, graphotherapy, detailed reports, etc.
    Duration : 20 sessions (40 hours)

  5. Signature Analysis and Designing for adults

  6. Duration : 6 sessions (12 hours)

    (Certification is provided)

Cinque Terre   Profile

At IInnovative Handwriting Systems, Mrs. Sucheta P Mainkar is an Internationally Certified Graphologist by Dr. Erika M. Karohs (From ISHA, California, USA) and a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP from Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has been analyzing Handwriting and Signature samples for more than 10 years now and has worked extensively with children in improving their handwriting as well as their personalities through Graphotherapy and NLP. She has been working in the field of counseling using tools such as Graphology, NLP, Drawing and Doodle analysis etc. In the last 10 years, she has made a powerful impact in the lives of more than 900 people which largely include children. She also conducts basic and advanced handwriting & signature analysis courses and as a result, she has trained more than 20 people who have continued the same as their full or part time profession. By qualification, she is a B.Sc B.Ed and has worked vigorously in improving communication skills in spoken English before taking on the field of Graphology and NLP!


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